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About Us

CMT Supplies was established in January 2014 with a small team of four. We have over 70 years of combined experience within the fastener industry and have worked through all aspects of the industry from warehouse, purchasing, quality control, internal and external sales and management.

With our combined knowledge and expertise we are able to offer a quality product range at the right price and backed up with excellent customer service and technical support.

Our i-FIX Ruspert coated range of self drilling screws were designed in house as a quality alternative to the standard zinc & clear / zinc & yellow plated screws on the market. The Ruspert coating on our screws is tested on EN ISO 9227/ASTMB117 in a salt spray booth for a minimum of 500 hours without showing red rust. By comparison a zinc or zinc & yellow plating to an industry standard of 5um to 8um will typically last for up to 160 hours before showing red rust. Also, all bonded washers have 3mm thickness of grey EPDM rubber on them to ensure better sealing.

Our iFix range of light steel screws is now manufactured and tested to EN 10666 (Drilling screws with tapping screw thread - mechanical and functional properties) to ensure consistency of quality and performance. This standard, at present, does not cover heavy steel or timber screws but as standards are updated, or new standards created for these products, we will endevour to manufacture and test our screws to those standards.

Our range of assembled structural bolting is tested to EN 15048 (Non preloaded structural bolting assemblies) and test certs are available, as they are with our i-FIX Concrete Anchor range which is also tested to EN 15048.

We also offer a direct import facility for customers to import fasteners, fixings, bracketry and other steel components, thereby allowing the customer to achieve significant cost savings associated with Far East and Indian based manufacturing, but without having to order full container loads or take the risk of receiving wrongly produced or substandard products.These products can also be customer branded.

All day-to-day communication with the customer, price, negotiation, contracts, shipping and invoicing will be handled in Ireland by a dedicated sales person within CMT Supplies.

We can also supply point of sale display stands for our i-FIX range of self drilling screws and tilt bins for our hardware range of products for our retail customers.