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Roofing Accessories

Colour Caps  

Colour Caps - Product image

Colour Caps Available in all BS & RAL colours

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Profile Fillers  

Profile Fillers - Product image

Polyethylene (closed cell, cross linked) & EPDM filler blocks cut to suit all sheeting profiles Straight and Angled cuts

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Roofing Washers  

Roofing Washers - Product image

Clearlight Storm washer

Sela washer & Cap

Saddle washer 

Bonded washer 

BAZ washer

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i-FIX Pipe Flashings  

i-FIX Pipe Flashings - Product image

For Hot & Cold pipe, standard and retrofit.

Hot Pipe - Red Silicone, temperature range -74 to +225 degrees centigrade.

Cold Pipe - Black EPDM, temperature range -50 to +100 degrees centigrade.

9 different sizes to suit pipe diameter 6mm to 724mm.

Flexible soft aluminium base to form a seal on profiled sheeting.

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Drivers - Product image

8mm Magnetic Hex Driver for Teks 

11mm Bi Hex Driver for Moulded heads

Torx, Philips & Pozi Bits and Holders

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